September 7, 2018

Eric and Julie D.


Eric and Julie D.

Dear Bob Hoaglin,

We can’t thank you enough for what you did for us. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing!

When we decided to move to Utah one of our concerns was locating a good used house that would suit our needs to move into. Being out here in Montrose, Colorado we made several trips to Utah, and at the very last, found a house on the internet and made an offer through Ken Duryee of Lighthouse Realty. But, Julie really only saw it at night and had to return the next day; I never saw the home at all, having stayed behind to work. So, we needed an unbiased professional inspection to assure us we weren’t getting into a money pit.

Ken referred us to you. After talking to you we felt comfortable having you complete the inspection and charging our credit card. That’s trust! We also had you do a radon test. Both results were more than encouraging. A low reading on radon is always nice. But, the house, while not being in excellent shape, was very fixable. The issues you identified ranged from the type of little things the homeowner wants to know about, to the major items needing to be negotiated with a seller. You came back after the seller turned on the water to complete a thorough plumbing inspection which uncovered additional “must do” items.

All in all, we would never have closed on the home, sight unseen as it were, without your assurances and professional opinions. You consulted with us on how to do needed repairs. Your offered suggestions and opinions were professionally based on experience and you offered very cost effective solutions. The report layout was great, easy for a layperson like me to comprehend and the photos were really helpful. Thank you for your integrity!

We have now completed the repairs and fix-it items per your recommendations and we thank you for your kind long distance assistance in this matter. Can’t wait to see the house. You’ll have to drop by so we can meet you too!


Eric and Julie D. Ogden, UT September 7, 2018

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