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Purchasing a home may be the largest investment of your lifetime. A home inspection performed by a knowledgeable and accredited home inspector can bring you peace of mind of your purchase by providing you with the facts on the condition of your future home.

When choosing a qualified home inspector, there are many questions and considerations for you to bear in mind. I ask that you take a moment to read about Hoaglin Signature Home Inspection. With over 35 years experience in the Utah home construction industry, I am knowledgeable, accredited and qualified to be your Home Inspector. My online quote will show you my competitive pricing as well as additional services offered. Please feel free to contact me by Email or by calling (801) 589-3939, with any additional questions you may have.

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We have had Hoaglin Signature Home Inspection “Bob Hoaglin, owner” as our inspector on our first home purchase so when we were ready to buy again we totally knew Bob was our guy. He is very thorough in his inspections and love the fact that he not only goes through all the “might be an issue and red flags” items with you personally he also gives you a binder with everything noted throughout his inspection just in case you forget. Not only was Bob our inspector but he also came out to our home that we were selling because of concerns of two plumbers telling us different things in regards to a pressure/volume problem. Bob at no charge came out and looked at our main shut off pipes at the main and advised of what the problem was. He also helped recommend who could fix it and came out while it was being done because there was an issue and he solved the problem by doing a short inspection of our basement pipes. I’m thankful for his honesty and expertise in solving our issue when he really didn’t have to be out there in the first place. So if you want an inspector that knows his job, has the experience and is trust worthy well then I highly recommend Bob Hoaglin Signature Home Inspection and give him a 10 star rating.

Becky B. Farr West, UT

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