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Purchasing a home may be the largest investment of your lifetime. A home inspection performed by a knowledgeable and accredited home inspector can bring you peace of mind of your purchase by providing you with the facts on the condition of your future home.

When choosing a qualified home inspector, there are many questions and considerations for you to bear in mind. I ask that you take a moment to read about Hoaglin Signature Home Inspection. With over 35 years experience in the Utah home construction industry, I am knowledgeable, accredited and qualified to be your Home Inspector. My online quote will show you my competitive pricing as well as additional services offered. Please feel free to contact me by Email or by calling (801) 589-3939, with any additional questions you may have.

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I had been looking for a home for 3 months when I found what I thought was the home of my dreams. Thankfully, my realtor still recommended that I contact Mr. Hoaglin to have the home inspected. I wasn’t really concerned about anything being wrong with the home as it had been completely remodeled and looked GREAT! To my amazement, Bob’s thorough inspection uncovered some major structural problems with the home that would have cost me 20-30 thousand dollars worth of repairs! I later found another home that I have since purchased. Utilizing Bob’s services again may have saved my life as his high-tech equipment uncovered the dangerous carbon monoxide levels being emitted from a furnace in the vacant property. The home was deemed unsafe and condemned by the local gas company until the repairs were done. I am so thankful to have found a skilled professional who was friendly and informative, it helped me make the best investment possible. And, thanks to Bob, my family and I are in a SAFE home too.

J.M. Layton, UT

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